How much does it cost to start a blog in 2023 ?

Well, it’s easy to ask how much does it cost to start a blog but it’s not as easy to answer it. Basically blogging cost depends on person to personal.
It depends on how much you want to spend on your blogging site, hosting, pro theme, and domain off course.
Your blogging cost is determined by your budget, the more your spend, the more professional and legit it looks.

1. Cheapest way to start a blog

Now, this is what most people wanted to know, how can I start a blog in cheapest way or can I start a blog for free?
Well, the answer is yes. You can start a blog free of cost.

But this is not best way to make money, but a best way to build up ideas and generate some audience.

If you’re not in hurry to make money writing blogs then it’s a good startup to build a good base for your strong blogging career, you’ll learn how blogging works, you’ll get lots of experience and you’ll get to know how people respond.

2. Can you make money on free blog?

It is almost impossible to make Money in medium but it is possible in blogger. You can sign up for google AdSense and can earn some amount and after 6 months you can also apply for Amazon associates

The important thing to know in blogger is that you don’t own your blog, it’s owned by google. Having your blog on blogger also sends wrong message as it shows you’re not fully interested in blogging and it will be difficult to start a business with it. It is definitely not recommended as an affiliate marketer

3. Best way to start a blog ( first month strategy)

If you’re started blogging as a complete beginner but you’re serious about blogging and money making then you’d opt for self hosted blog

You need to choose a hosting that is fast, reliable and budget friendly. Hosting is all you need as a starter. Once you’ve paid for your hosting you’re almost done , other things are optional hosting is the essential basic model for starting a blog for beginners.

4. Free blog themes

After getting your hosting, there’s nothing wrong in using free themes.
As a beginner you can use free themes and customize your website as per your need.
After using free theme for months you can switch to their pro version to access all features.
But in starting you should stick with free themes. I would recommend you to use wordpress default theme “twenty twenty “. It’s great theme for beginners.

Beside this there are other free themes also you can try,
Some of them are
• GeneratePress
• Astra
• Wpocean
• Zakra

5. Social media tools

You can start a blog without any social media tools but once you become serious about blogging and money making then it’s best place to invest your money

I personally use many social media tools but my favorite are “social warfare” and “tailwind”. For blogging business it’s important tools, you can get free version of them but pro version gives you lots of accessibility.
These tools helps your content to reach a good audience.

6. Blogging courses

There are lots of free information on the internet. If you don’t want to spend money on courses then you can information on internet but it will take time and more effort .
If you’re okay to spend some money then blogging courses are easy to understand and save your time.
They give exact information on what to do, how to do and when to do

Not only it will save your time but also led you to the right path.
Choosing courses from trusted is more important, there are many fraud sellers in market so it’s recommend to buy courses from a well known blogger or YouTube personality.

Conclusion – How much does it actually cost to start a blog?

Cost of your blog fully depends in your budget and will to spend on it.
Some cost are bigger and some cost are smaller.
The only one area where you need to spend more as your blog grows is hosting. Hosting cost depends on your traffic.

If you’re serious about money making then you need to invest too, allow about $100 to get best deals.Here are some estimated blogging startup cost:

• Hosting $100 approximately

• Email marketing $29/ month

• Social media tools $15-30/ month

• Blogging courses $50-$1000 (optional)

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