How to choose a best domain name for your blog?

Check your domain is available or not!

Your domain name is address of your website, so a good domain name is highly important for a professional blog.

Here are some tips that help you to find your domain

. Don’t use hypens or numbers
. Use. Com if you’re aiming for Worldwide customers
. Make sure your domain name is short and simple
For eg;

How to choose a good domain name name?

Choosing a good domain is not that hard as you think it is. Just focus on following points given below and you’ll have no problem while choosing a good domain for your website

A. Keep it simple

Domain name should be should be simple, clear and easy to understand. The shorter and clear your domain is, the more attractive your website will look.

B. Never spend money on premium domain names

Unless you’re a big corporation, well known personality or a famous YouTuber, it’s really a bad idea to spend dollars in premium domain names. It’s better to spend that money in professional themes, good hosting, email marketing.

C. Never use meaningless words as your domain name

Many people use meaningless words for their domain name as a result they misguide their potential customers letting them think that it’s not what they searched or wanted. Your domain should define your website as whole .

D. Never use numbers in domain name.

Using numbers in your domain name will give bad impressions to visitors and sponsors as well.

E. Don’t spend much time thinking a good domain.

Domain name is important but not as much important than your actual content posted in your website, so you should give more priority to your content rather than thinking domain names whole time.

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