How to Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Articles



What is the purpose of a headline? A title should not merely provide potential readers information about the content of the piece. It’s much more than that.

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The most crucial objective of a title is to convince potential readers to proceed past the headline and read the content — not next week or potentially never, but right immediately.


Getting Started

Some authors like to draft the title before writing the piece, but others prefer to wait until they’ve already finished the post. Either way, you know what your issue is, and you probably have a preliminary notion of what will go into the title.

A few common guidelines concerning the headline:

  • Make sure that your title doesn’t go off subject. Your headline is a promise to your audience. They will be quite resentful if you draw them in with something that isn’t followed up in the post.
  • Keep it brief. That implies no more than 62 characters, including spaces. Once you go over that, search engines won’t display the whole title. If you go over 62 characters, at least make sure that the first 62 characters contain important information and motivational components.
  • Make the headline catchy. See recommendations below for some of the finest methods to attract the attention of consumers who are browsing headlines in search results.


Grab the Attention of Potential Readers

Today, individuals are overwhelmed with the quantity of information available to them online. Even fast readers have to scan headlines in order to evaluate whether items are worth their attention.

You could have a very creative piece, but if your title doesn’t capture someone’s attention, potential readers may never read another word you’ve written. Here are some strategies that can make it easier for you to produce great headlines.


1.Use Numbers – Magazines have invested millions of dollars in research to understand what type of headlines will inspire you to buy one magazine over another. Since they’ve previously done this, you don’t have to start from scratch — you can take benefit of the information they’ve obtained.

To achieve that, take a trip to the store and head to the magazine area. Look at the headlines you notice on publications for sale there. You’ll see something in common with just about all the publications there, whether they’re fitness magazines, vacation magazines, tabloids, women’s magazines, or anything.

A substantial majority of the headlines utilize numbers. The reason they do this is that it works. There are various hypotheses regarding why statistics work to encourage readers to choose a specific magazine or article, but it’s not really crucial to understand why. Whatever the reason, it’s been demonstrated to work. So you may take use of such strategy anytime it fits your post.

By the way, don’t spell the number out. Use the number – it’s more attention-grabbing.


2.Use What, Why, How, or When – These trigger words convey to the reader that the material will benefit him. In other words, the article will answer his queries and provide him some facts that might make his life simpler.

It seldom works to utilize figures and certain trigger phrases in the same headline. You could come up with an exception, but typically you’ll use one or the other.


3.Use Catchy Adjectives – Some adjectives are more intriguing than others and, thus, more likely to urge someone to read your post. Here are some adjectives that might attract the attention of someone who is scanning:













This provides you an idea, and you can definitely think of many additional words that would make your title stand out in the search results.


4.Make a Bold Promise – Include anything in the headline that your reader will find crucial to understand.

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Cook an Amazing Meal for 12 Dinner Guests in Just an Hour

By doing this, you are virtually challenging your potential reader to read the post. But be careful not to promise more than the article will give.


5.Use Call-to-Action Words – Start your title with an action verb that dares the reader to do something — something that they’ll learn how to accomplish in your content. Here are a few examples:

  • Overcome Extreme Shyness – Enjoy Social Interaction
  • Promote Yourself – Become a Brand People Can’t Resist
  • Eliminate Sloppy Belly Fat that Endangers Your Health
  • Use These 5 Easy Tips to Effortlessly Train Your Puppy


Are You Ready to Start Writing Killer Headlines?

You won’t be able to use each of the five tips given above in every headline, but you can often use two or three at a time.

Look at the headline for the article you’ve just been reading:

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Article

This headline uses the following:

  • tip #2 – trigger word ‘how’
  • tip #3 – catchy adjective ‘powerful’
  • tip #4 – bold promise that people will be motivated to read your article

Don’t overlook the power of your headlines. Sometime just tweaking a boring headline with one catchy adjective will change it from a losing headline to a winner. A great headline can entice readers to choose your article over others in the search results.


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