Start A Blog Guide 2023 – Blogging Ideas

Things to keep in mind before creating blogs.

1.  Niche : Do you know what is niche? How to pick a good niche? so here’s your answer. Simply Niche refers to the particular subject  where you are currently working or willing to do. For instance ;  Travellers, Gaming , Fitness & Health etc. We better suggest you to choose the field where you are interested so that you will able to do blogging work with a fun.

2. Do a proper research : After you get an idea about your niche make sure to research in front page of google because they are well optimized & your main c in this stage is  how can you  put  unique & valuable content than them.

3. Try to post trending topics :  Did you know ? Almost 51% traffic comes from organic search which means you need to write about topics people are searching for. But the question is how to find those topics?  No need to fear , you can use keyword research tool to generate the idea.
For example, you can use this free keyword generator tool that will give you the topics people searching in Google.

How to create a blog or site? Before creating blog you need to know basics about domain & hosting.

Domain :  Let’s not make it complicated. Domain is the name of your blog or site.For instance , , , etc. So how can you buy domain? There are alot of sites where you find your suitable domain name. Such as Bluehost , GoDaddy , Namecheap etc.

Hosting : Hosting is a service that allows you to post website into  internet. Individuals or Organisations can manage their website files and folder. You can buy hosting from different online sites. Some populars are Hostinger , dreamhost etc.

Incase if you don’t want to customise your blog or website manually or if you lack of coding then you can buy a fully installed website where you don’t have to setup manually. Everything like coding , domain ,  hosting  is automatically setup by such company . You just have to buy the package and done. One of the best company that provides you a website without coding  is . Wix  is  a platform where you can buy your website & start your business online.

Things to keep in mind after creating  website / blog

1 . Template  : You can use good responsive templete according to your niche.Template is the outlay of your blog that makes your site more attractive.You can find the attractive theme for free   or you can buy it.Some website provides free theme and some provides in premium for that you can search best responsive templetes in google. Simply download a theme & import it. Some popular theme provider are : Newsplus, Treasury, PixelZ, SoraTimes etc.

2. Create Pages : You can create many different pages in your blog  but these 3 pages are mandatory for any kind of site or blog.

i. About Us – This is the section where you can write your introduction , types of information available on the blog l & purpose of creating this blog.

ii. Contact Us – This is the section where you can provide your address , email , phone number so that visitors can reach out to you easily.

iii. Privacy Policy – Privacy matters alot.Online privacy is important and sensitive for every blog/website visitors.Through this section you can tell the visitors  what information we take from them & keep secure. This privacy policy apply to all of the visitors wheather is it subscriber  of our website or new visitors. From this section, we assure our every visitors that every information they have given is completely safe with privacy.

3.Add a featured image : Adding a eye-catching image , attractive pictures is best way to make people engaged in your website. It increase your clicks , shares & engagement that will boost your website. Readers won’t get bored to read the content of your blog.Make sure you are using non – copyright pictures.

4. Publish at the right time : After all of these, the final step is to publish your post.Before publishing the post you have to read the post yourself first. Find the mistakes , error & rectify it before you hit the publish button. Summarize your post but don’t take too much time & publish the post in the peak time when people are actually free. For example ,   between 8 am  to 10 am on Monday , Wednesday , Friday  will be perfect if you are living in USA.Time your post according to your country.

5. Get ideas from your audience : Look at your comment section  or email  you may find feedbacks or any ideas from your audience. Plan and execute the action according to your audience views so that your blog will have better engagement , traffic and chances to rank higher.

6. Understand &  respond to your audience : A good way to increase increase engagement & traffic is to respond them . Reply to your audience & try to get ideas or solve their problems so that your audience will get happy .

“Understanding your audience better means you’ll have a better idea of what blog content will resonate with them, which is a good start when you get to writing blog posts.”

– Brian Clark, founder, and CEO, Copyblogger

7. Consistency is the key :  You don’t have to post content everyday but you have to stick with your schedule. Make a proper plan or frequency . If you are new & just starting out then you can post 3 – 4 content a week and gradually increase your pace.You have to be motivated and should be in discipline. If you are not disciplined , then it’s easy to slip and this is how most of the blog end.

Check your domain is available or not!

Your domain name is address of your website, so a good domain name is highly important for a professional blog.

Here are some tips that help you to find your domain

. Don’t use hypens or numbers
. Use. Com if you’re aiming for Worldwide customers
. Make sure your domain name is short and simple
For eg;

How to choose a good domain name name?

Choosing a good domain is not that hard as you think it is. Just focus on following points given below and you’ll have no problem while choosing a good domain for your website

A. Keep it simple

Domain name should be should be simple, clear and easy to understand. The shorter and clear your domain is, the more attractive your website will look.

B. Never spend money on premium domain names

Unless you’re a big corporation, well known personality or a famous YouTuber, it’s really a bad idea to spend dollars in premium domain names. It’s better to spend that money in professional themes, good hosting, email marketing.

C. Never use meaningless words as your domain name

Many people use meaningless words for their domain name as a result they misguide their potential customers letting them think that it’s not what they searched or wanted. Your domain should define your website as whole .

D. Never use numbers in domain name.

Using numbers in your domain name will give bad impressions to visitors and sponsors as well.

E. Don’t spend much time thinking a good domain.

Domain name is important but not as much important than your actual content posted in your website, so you should give more priority to your content rather than thinking domain names whole time.

How to write a professional blog post ?

It is very important question and need the answer badly. Today I am going to discuss about it and it will be very helpful. Do you know what to write in a blog post? If the answer is actually ‘no’ then this post is for you.

Previously we discussed about what is blog writing? If you want to continue you must need to read that post because there has more ideas about this question and that will be also more helpful. After reading that just follow:

What to write in a blog post:

You can write many things in a blog post. But some blogs don’t accept all things. If they don’t accept your post then the question will grow up. Now you need the answer.

To start writing a blog on a targeted blog you must need to know what kind of blog post they are accepting, what is their rules, terms, privacy and policy? If you maintain this I think it will be very helpful for you. You can find out all of this on your targeted blog where you are interested to create a blog post. We can give a big example about this that:

Suppose you have a blog in tutorial niche and I am interested to write on your blog. Now I wrote a blog about robbery news. Will you publish it on your blog? Just think about this take a minute for decision. Hopefully the answer will be ‘no’ and you will only accept tutorial related blog post because your blog is tutorial based not a news blog.

What To Write In A Blog Post

So that if you want to write on others blog you must need to maintain this.

There are another important point is you must need to write essential, attractive and useful blog post. You must need to have value on your informative article otherwise it will be useless and you will also not publish any useless think on your blog or website. Useless think will make your blog also useless. So visitors will give you a bad review and never will come on your blog. So you must to also follow this.

In a blog post you can also write anything as your mind saying but you must need to write in proper place. If you have a personal blog then you can write anything on this as your mind saying. But all others blogs owner may be not accept you someone accept it.

At last hopefully you got the answer for what to write in blog post and it will help you to write. Always keep in mind and after some days you can do it automatically. If you need more tips about this just made a comment below and I will try to make an answer for this or if you have anything informative to share also comment here we will try to contact with you.

How much does it cost to start a blog in 2021 ?

Well, it’s easy to ask how much does it cost to start a blog but it’s not as easy to answer it. Basically blogging cost depends on person to personal.
It depends on how much you want to spend on your blogging site, hosting, pro theme, and domain off course.
Your blogging cost is determined by your budget, the more your spend, the more professional and legit it looks.

1. Cheapest way to start a blog

Now, this is what most people wanted to know, how can I start a blog in cheapest way or can I start a blog for free?
Well, the answer is yes. You can start a blog free of cost.

But this is not best way to make money, but a best way to build up ideas and generate some audience.

If you’re not in hurry to make money writing blogs then it’s a good startup to build a good base for your strong blogging career, you’ll learn how blogging works, you’ll get lots of experience and you’ll get to know how people respond.

2. Can you make money on free blog?

It is almost impossible to make Money in medium but it is possible in blogger. You can sign up for google AdSense and can earn some amount and after 6 months you can also apply for Amazon associates

The important thing to know in blogger is that you don’t own your blog, it’s owned by google. Having your blog on blogger also sends wrong message as it shows you’re not fully interested in blogging and it will be difficult to start a business with it. It is definitely not recommended as an affiliate marketer

3. Best way to start a blog ( first month strategy)

If you’re started blogging as a complete beginner but you’re serious about blogging and money making then you’d opt for self hosted blog

You need to choose a hosting that is fast, reliable and budget friendly. Hosting is all you need as a starter. Once you’ve paid for your hosting you’re almost done , other things are optional hosting is the essential basic model for starting a blog for beginners.

4. Free blog themes

After getting your hosting, there’s nothing wrong in using free themes.
As a beginner you can use free themes and customize your website as per your need.
After using free theme for months you can switch to their pro version to access all features.
But in starting you should stick with free themes. I would recommend you to use wordpress default theme “twenty twenty “. It’s great theme for beginners.

Beside this there are other free themes also you can try,
Some of them are
• GeneratePress
• Astra
• Wpocean
• Zakra

5. Social media tools

You can start a blog without any social media tools but once you become serious about blogging and money making then it’s best place to invest your money

I personally use many social media tools but my favorite are “social warfare” and “tailwind”. For blogging business it’s important tools, you can get free version of them but pro version gives you lots of accessibility.
These tools helps your content to reach a good audience.

6. Blogging courses

There are lots of free information on the internet. If you don’t want to spend money on courses then you can information on internet but it will take time and more effort .
If you’re okay to spend some money then blogging courses are easy to understand and save your time.
They give exact information on what to do, how to do and when to do

Not only it will save your time but also led you to the right path.
Choosing courses from trusted is more important, there are many fraud sellers in market so it’s recommend to buy courses from a well known blogger or YouTube personality.

Conclusion – How much does it actually cost to start a blog?

Cost of your blog fully depends in your budget and will to spend on it.
Some cost are bigger and some cost are smaller.
The only one area where you need to spend more as your blog grows is hosting. Hosting cost depends on your traffic.

If you’re serious about money making then you need to invest too, allow about $100 to get best deals.Here are some estimated blogging startup cost:

• Hosting $100 approximately

• Email marketing $29/ month

• Social media tools $15-30/ month

• Blogging courses $50-$1000 (optional)

How To optimize URL And Headline of your blog

It is very important for a website to get ranked well. Now a time it’s very hard to optimize and have a lot of competition. But today we are going to share the method for making them SEO Friendly.

After you have your own list of websites, you’ll desire to make certain you’ve optimized your statements. Key phrases do ideal whenever they’re in front on the heading. Consequently, one example is, in case we’re wanting to get ranking our own written content appearing for searches with regards to inbound advertising: “Inbound Marketing: Anything You should know to have Started” will work much better than You should know to begin with Having Incoming Marketing. ”

Key phrases are crucial, nevertheless, you likewise desire to generate the kind regarding heading which will get made itself known yet in addition to discussed generally. The particular regularity with which in turn a piece of written content gets discussed could absolutely influence the rating upon Google search outcome websites. Actually, recently, sociable elements are progressively more imperative that you search. We’ll hint when which far more below from the Interpersonal Lookup section.

You may need to analyze diverse statements to find out what model or maybe file format produces probably the most exercise available for you. Among the causes list statements, similar to “10 Reasons You have to have Your own Dessert in addition to Eat this Also, ” tend to be therefore widespread on-line will be that they can often attract far more ticks.

How To optimize URL And Headline

Do not force your articles to match perhaps the most common exercise, however. Instead, try out diverse heading structures. Often which queries or maybe wit perform ideal for bringing in ticks in addition to gives upon social websites. Moreover, keep your statements small — ultimately, beneath 65 personals — in order that they do not get truncated throughout position in search results.

Beyond the concept, search engines like yahoo utilize phrases within a page’s LINK to ascertain whether it’s based on your search at-hand. Consequently in case you possibly can revise your design of this Urls, it’s very important to make accuretly sure that you are including key phrases generally there also.

The particular LINK assists as a pleasant back-up for ones heading throughout optimizing for key phrases. You could possibly determine that you’d like to become little more inventive along with your heading to create far more fascination since the post gets endorsed throughout your own advertising channel. If you which, a great LINK design can help.

Identical guidelines make application for positioning your key phrases as part of your LINK. Retain key phrases early on in addition to different these individuals simply by dashes. The particular LINK increases results compared

No more today. Hopefully you get many helpful information from there and going to keep it up. Let’s me finish here and keep visiting our blog for getting more update and more information.

How to create SEO friendly link and anchor text

Any time search results spiders crawl your website, they don’t go through each concept. As a substitute, they check for certain regions of your current submit: this head line, subheaders, alt-text associated with images, in addition to single point textual content. Single point textual content would be the concept or perhaps phrase anyone identify once you place a hyperlink. Selecting the best words in order to web page link may help add some essential SEO benefit.

Single point Wording PlacementIn add-on in order to selecting the best words, want to look at the keeping people words. If you hyperlink to identical inner web page many situations in a single post, be surely you optimize the very first event of this url. Commonly, engines like google will really rely more greatly around the very first illustration associated with single point textual content for just a offered url in comparison with pursuing instances.

SEO in addition to analytics organization Moz carries a good submit in addition to illustration that will describes this kind of practice. Therefore once you utilize your website in order to hyperlink to various other written content with your website, guarantee that the very first referrals place consists of the best search phrases.

How To Create SEO Frindly Link and anchor text

Moreover, you may wish to make sure you will be backlinks to the appropriate pages. Rather than dispersing your current inbound links in addition to single point textual content in order to many different pages, It might be preferable to place all of your targeted traffic in addition to inner inbound links to a web page that is currently position so that you can additional improve its SEO pounds.

(Tip for HubSpot End users: If you utilize HubSpot in order to website, you will see real-time bring up to date associated with how many essential search phrases you have included in your current submit. Exploring among those search phrases will demonstrate all of the pages with your website that will currently list for it. Therefore you should utilize your current single point textual content drive an automobile targeted traffic in addition to with luck , strengthen exactly where your current list browsing results. )

Beneath is usually a summary of pages about your website that will list for that phrase “keyword files. inch Just one web page at present rates high 5th about The search engines with the keyword phrase. Additional a couple of pages list far lower. We’re able to get targeted traffic to the 2nd in addition to 3rd pages about that will record, but it really almost certainly has to be spend.

Relocating a page from the list associated with 100+ to a list associated with 99 will not guide very much, given that many ticks about search results pages navigate to the very first handful of. Picking in order to place your inner inbound links to that particular high-ranking web page even going the idea through fifth-highest in order to fourth-highest, even so, would have a tremendous result.

Ultimate and creative tips for writing effective headlines

It is really very important for a blogger to write effective headline. An effective headline highlights your blog post attractively and it helps to get more visitors. Today we will discuss about ultimate and creative tips for writing effective headlines. Now let’s start it:

Effective headlines will be very interesting. At first a visitor will look on your blog post headline if it is effective headline then he will read your blog post. But if it not he will look for another headline.

Ultimate and Creative Tips For Writing Effective Headlines

At first step you need to select a targeted keyword and it must need to be useful keyword that people needs.

Now search on search engines using your keyword. If you want to get ranked on Google then search it on Google that means where you want to rank just search in.

Now read all the titles in first page and you will get the idea about their attractive title. Now you need to write something like that more attractive that people should click on your title. Just spend some time you will get the unique and effective idea. It must need to be looks like informative. If your keyword is tutorial, tips and useful information based then it will be more helpful. I think you got it.

Must remember you need to put your keyword in title and it is very important without keyword in title it will be bad luck for you.

I am providing you an example of an effective, attractive and informative title:

Guess our keyword is ‘write effective headline’. After searching on Google we got a lot of highly effective headline. But now I think if my title will be ‘how to write effective headline’ it will be normal effective title but I will not do that because it is already ranked and I will not do good position on search engines because I have a lot of competitive sites they are too high then me and if I try to rank it then I need work hard in badly so that I choose a normal effective headline ‘ultimate and creative tips for writing headlines.’ I think it’s not bad. Why I make it long? After search I saw a lot of competition on this keyword then I try to make it long tail to good rank. It will really important if you need to take more challenges. Hopefully you got it.

How To remember all those points?

To remember all those points you must need to practice it regularly. Experience is the main word for being successful to write effective headlines. As much you got the experience as more your selecting idea will grow up.

If you follow my full article properly you will get really an awesome idea for choosing headline. Not only writing effective headlines you will get good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranked also.

If you get help from my article and need more you can contact with us. No more today. Let’s me finish here.

Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Articles

What is the purpose of a headline? A headline should not just give potential readers information about the topic of the article. It’s much more than that.

The most important purpose of a headline is to get potential readers to continue past the headline and read the article – not next week or possibly never, but right away.

Getting Started

Some writers like to compose the headline before writing the article, but others prefer to wait until they’ve already finished the article. Either way, you know what your topic is, and you probably have a tentative idea about what will go into the headline.

A few general rules about the headline:

Make sure that your headline doesn’t veer off topic. Your headline is a promise to your readers. They will be very resentful if you lure them in with something that isn’t followed up in the article.

Keep it short. That means no more than 62 characters, including spaces. Once you go beyond that, search engines won’t display the complete title. If you go past 62 characters, at least make sure that the first 62 characters contain meaningful information and motivating elements.

Make the headline catchy. See tips below for some of the best ways to capture the attention of people who are scanning headlines in search results.

Do you want to have a FREE blog? Just click the green button.

Grab the Attention of Potential Readers

Today, people are overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them online. Even speed readers have to scan headlines in order to determine which articles are worth their time.

You might have a truly innovative article, but if your headline doesn’t grab someone’s attention, potential readers may never read another word you’ve written. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to write powerful headlines.

1.Use Numbers – Magazines have spent millions of dollars in research to determine what kind of headlines will motivate you to buy one magazine over another. Since they’ve already done this, you don’t have to start from scratch – you can take advantage of the knowledge they’ve gained.

To do that, take a trip to the supermarket and go to the magazine section. Look at the headlines you see on magazines for sale there. You’ll see something in common among just about all the magazines there, whether they’re fitness magazines, travel magazines, tabloids, women’s magazines, or whatever.

A large percentage of the headlines use numbers. The reason they do this is that it works. There are many theories about why numbers work to entice readers to pick a particular magazine or article, but it’s not really important to understand why. Whatever the reason, it’s been proven to work. So you can take advantage of that technique whenever it suits your article.

By the way, don’t spell the number out. Use the numeral – it’s more attention-grabbing.

2.Use What, Why, How, or When – These trigger words indicate to the reader that the article will benefit him. In other words, the article will answer his questions and give him some information that could make his life easier.

It rarely works to use numbers and these trigger words in the same headline. You might come up with an exception, but normally you’ll use one or the other.

3.Use Catchy Adjectives – Some adjectives are more enticing than others and, therefore, more likely to motivate someone to read your article. Here are some adjectives that can grab the attention of someone who is scanning:







This gives you an idea, and you can probably think of many more adjectives that would make your headline stand out in the search results.

4.Make a Bold Promise – Include something in the title that your reader will find vital to learn.

Learn How to Draw in Just 4 Weeks

How to Manage Your Blog to Double Your Readership

Cook an Amazing Meal for 12 Dinner Guests in Just an Hour

By doing this, you are almost daring your potential reader to read the article. But be careful not to promise more than the article will deliver.

5.Use Call-to-Action Words – Start your headline with an action verb that challenges the reader to do something – something that they’ll learn how to do in your article. Here are a few examples:

Overcome Extreme Shyness – Enjoy Social Interaction

Promote Yourself – Become a Brand People Can’t Resist

Eliminate Sloppy Belly Fat that Endangers Your Health

Use These 5 Easy Tips to Effortlessly Train Your Puppy

Are You Ready to Start Writing Killer Headlines?

You won’t be able to use each of the five tips given above in every headline, but you can often use two or three at a time.

Look at the headline for the article you’ve just been reading:
How to Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Article

This headline uses the following:

tip #2 – trigger word ‘how’

tip #3 – catchy adjective ‘powerful’

tip #4 – bold promise that people will be motivated to read your article

Don’t overlook the power of your headlines. Sometime just tweaking a boring headline with one catchy adjective will change it from a losing headline to a winner. A great headline can entice readers to choose your article over others in the search results.

Are you ready to start your blog? In Next Article we will make review of the popular website builder & hosting.