Wix vs Squarespace: 9 Crucial Differences To know

If you’ve explored web hosting, you’ve likely compared Wix vs Squarespace to see which one is ideal for you or your business. Wix and Squarespace may appeal to distinct individuals and businesses, yet they share certain similarities.

To use either host, you don’t need to be incredibly technically savvy, but you should decide which website builder is best for you. Consider the functionality of your website and the design freedom you desire. Consider how you want a template to be organized and what graphic elements you desire.

Before choosing a web host, you should become familiar with Squarespace and Wix so that you can choose which is ideal for you.

Wix vs. Squarespace Overall

When choosing between Wix and Squarespace, it is important to analyze the unique characteristics of each platform. Both are among the most popular website-building platforms on the Internet. You don’t need a great deal of technical expertise to use them, but you should know what you’re looking for in a site builder.

Consider what it would be like to utilize these website creators on a regular basis to choose which is best for you. From the ease of use to the more complicated capabilities, you should understand what each offers. You may be astonished by the capabilities of Wix and Squarespace.

Using Wix

Wix Website Builder Wix is a good option if you want something simple but with some customization. It is not necessary to know how to code in order to use the Wix editor to position your content as desired. As you create a website, you can choose from a variety of available templates.

If your budget is limited, you can begin with a free plan and increase later. You can employ a few of the features at no cost. If you require more premium services, however, you can select a subscription plan based on your budget.

Using Squarespace

A Squarespace plan includes everything required to establish an online presence. They provide a drag-and-drop editor with which you may position visuals without having to write any code. Your content will be hosted on Squarespace’s servers, making it extremely simple to get started.

You can choose from a multitude of template designs to discover one you prefer. Then, you can construct your website and customize its appearance. Both Wix and Squarespace have a simple learning curve, which is a tremendous benefit. If you are looking for an immediately accessible website builder, you can locate one or both of these solutions.

In many instances, Wix is a superior host than Squarespace due of its simplicity. Wix enables the placement of boxes and media based on the desired functionality.

Creative Designs

A crucial aspect of a Squarespace vs. Wix comparison is the website creation process. If you don’t like the available templates, it’s not worth it if one of the website builders has many great features. Before deciding on the finest website builder for you, you should evaluate what you want your website to look like.

If you’re new to web design, you should examine Wix’s and Squarespace’s ease of use. You don’t have to have the simplest website, but you should keep things basic if you’re not hiring a designer. Explore the design capabilities of Squarespace and Wix so that you may select the most suitable option.

Designing Wix

Once your Wix account has been created, you can navigate to the Wix ADI and select design. You can select from various themes and adjust the colors, fonts, and other elements. You can modify the entire appearance of your website, but you can also customize the appearance of individual elements.

The ability to modify Wix templates eliminates the need to choose the ideal template. Instead, you can choose a template that is near to what you want and create the remainder. However, when comparing Wix vs Squarespace, consider the design capabilities of both platforms.

Designing Squarespace

You can use Squarespace’s variety of design templates to construct a website. You can drag and drop blocks, such as boxes, to the desired location. Although Squarespace’s templates differ from Wix’s, you can still accomplish a lot with them. You can create a portfolio, blog, or other website type.

With your Squarespace account, you can create an online store if you wish to sell items online. The design process is adaptable, allowing you to pick what to produce. Feel free to alter the look and layout of a mobile viewer to attract more viewers. If you desire complete design skills, you can also utilize code, however it is not required.

Squarespace is the superior host when it comes to visual modifications, according to the Design verdict. On Squarespace, you may switch themes after publishing your website, but not on Wix.

Tools and Technology

After you’ve designed your website, it’s time to put it to use, whether you want to create a blog, a store, or a portfolio. You have the option of keeping things basic or going all out. And in both circumstances, you should compare the features of Wix and Squarespace.

The features are vital for builder websites since they dictate the design possibilities. Even if you develop a lovely page, it will be useless if you cannot use it as you wish. Before deciding between Wix and Squarespace, consider the free and paid options for each platform.

Working With Wix

In addition to a website builder, Wix provides advanced services to enhance your online presence. Using their Logo Maker, you can design a logo that matches your company and brand. If you provide services, you may utilize the Booking function to make it easier for clients to schedule appointments.

The free plan allows you to get started immediately, but you can pay more for an online store or more sophisticated website analytics. Then, you can sell things, and the analytics will inform you of your site’s traffic. Consider several Wix plans in order to select the one with all of the necessary features.

Working With Squarespace

All Squarespace plans include a free URL, several templates, mobile optimization, and many features. In addition, they offer security options and minimal support. If more than two people need to change your website’s text, you will need to switch to a more expensive plan.

If you wish to start an online store that accepts gift cards, you will need a business tier or a higher tier option. The lowest plan is an excellent option for a blog or portfolio website, but it has some restrictions. And thanks to their monthly and annual plans, you may save money on any plan by paying for the entire year in advance.

Both Squarespace and Wix offer a variety of customization options for templates. Squarespace features a large number of built-in tools, whereas Wix includes an app store where you may locate more content. Thus, Wix has a minor advantage.

Make Sales

An online store is a terrific method for builders and other professionals to utilize their websites. You can sell physical products that you transport to customers, or you can create digital products that they can download. Both Wix and Squarespace provide plans that let you to sell merchandise.

While Shopify and other sales businesses exist, no comparison between Wix and Squarespace is complete without examining the eCommerce features. You can establish prices for the products you sell, and additional sales tools enable you to expand your online business. To make money online, freelancers can use use pages to display their offerings.

Selling on Wix

Wix e-commerce allows you to sell at least one product online if you have at least one item to sell. In addition to your website, your social media can attract customers. The Wix ADI allows you to change the appearance of your listings, allowing you to draw attention to a certain category of your products.

Wix allows you to accept credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe in addition to other payment methods. Your customers can purchase immediately, or they can add things to their shopping cart prior to checkout. Then, you may increase your online sales and revenue. Artists and photographers are able to exhibit their work to boost sales.

Selling On Squarespace

If you wish to construct web sites on Squarespace, you can also convert them into online stores. You can utilize a number of their website templates to convey information about your product or service. Squarespace integrates with payment channels such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square, allowing you to select how to accept payments.

Before you begin selling on Squarespace, you should study their sales resources to ensure compliance with the rules. Squarespace restricts what you may offer for sale, so be sure you don’t provide anything they prohibit. You can still mail packages to clients via FedEx and UPS, but you must ensure that the packaging is opaque to protect the contents.

With the flexibility to install apps, Wix is a more versatile option for online commerce. Squarespace allows for e-commerce, however it lacks the capability of Wix.

Writing a Blog

Blogging is a great way to expand your digital presence, whether you have a portfolio or sell products. If you wish to provide tips or provide additional information, you should be familiar with the fundamental blogging tools of Wix and Squarespace. While there are currently a multitude of blogs available, you may add your own unique perspective to the areas you are familiar with.

You can utilize marketing methods such as email marketing to increase your blog’s readership and grow your following. You can reveal further aspects of yourself, such as your photography or internet service. If you receive numerous queries, you might utilize an essay to clarify the situation. Bloggers can also generate income through affiliate commissions, which can cover the subscription costs for Wix or Squarespace.

Blogging On Wix

Wix recommends starting a blog to enhance website traffic. You can create one from scratch when you first begin using Wix, or you can construct one later. As a blogger, you can elaborate on your product or industry and include images or examples of your work. You may include various sections on your blog where you may provide various lists or tips.

Wix is not a content management system (CMS), hence it is not the optimal platform for sharing blog posts. However, a Wix blog is ideal for adding a small blog to your core website. Nonetheless, you may use it with your existing domain name, and you have the same creative flexibility as when using the drag-and-drop editor to create any page.

Opacity isn’t always required, but it’s essential that your paragraphs are easy to read, so place photos to the side and make sure they aren’t too dark. Consider the contrast between the photos and the words if you wish to include images. You can also modify the large-wave and small-wave volumes.

The VIP plan is ideal because it provides the maximum storage space. Then, you may include as many images and media as you desire on your blog.

Blogging On Squarespace

Squarespace also provides blogging options, allowing you to develop blogs to complement your product or service. You can utilize content blocks, with varying degrees of flexibility depending on the template you employ. To compose your first article, you can add it to your editor.

You can make a title and write the body content, and if you have images, you may explain them using alt text. Beginners can start immediately, because publishing does not require much knowledge of coding or writing. Your initial article can be about a topic you’re familiar with, and you can include guides relevant to the remainder of your site. Squarespace may not offer as many options as other content management systems, but it is ideal for blogging.

Squarespace is ideal for setting up a blog or using it as a feature of your entire website. You can employ the design freedom to incorporate a variety of media kinds, and you can also establish email campaigns to predate your postings. Fortunately, Squarespace incorporates email marketing, so you don’t need anything else.

Blog Conclusion: Squarespace is the superior blogging platform. You can begin writing instantly, however Wix requires the addition of applications in order to establish a blog. This can be more complicated and time-consuming to implement.


Without online traffic, establishing a strong digital presence will be difficult. A Squarespace comparison should include a summary of the marketing capabilities of each platform. Even the best Wix designs won’t be enough to help your website get popularity without the proper marketing tools.

Website development does not require knowledge of technical terms such as volume small-wave, but marketing is crucial. By utilizing the integrated marketing tools, you may boost the amount of page visits, so giving your website further impetus for growth.

Marketing On Wix

Wix provides numerous options for expanding your online presence in the form of plugins. You can utilize these add-ons to increase traffic without spending a lot of money or time marketing your products. Wix provides options for creating Google advertisements as well as pop-ups that urge visitors to provide their email addresses.

The App Market is ideal for discovering various possibilities for enhancing your Wix website. You don’t have to manually design the various pieces, but you can further personalize things using the apps. Many App Market apps include a free version, but you may also purchase them for a fee.

Marketing on Squarespace

There are several ways to market your website to customers if you utilize Squarespace. You can ensure that search engines are aware of your existence so they can send you customers. Squarespace allows you to utilize keywords to improve your website’s ranking when visitors search for specific terms online.

If a search engine determines that you can assist a user, it will recommend your page over those of your competitors. Even if you do not sell anything, Squarespace may be used as a marketing tool for anyone online. Therefore, you may reach a large number of people without paying for advertisements.

In comparison to Squarespace, Wix enables you to send more emails and perform more marketing tasks. While you can market there, the email features are not free.

SEO and Rankings

You can spend as much money as you want on internet marketing, but for the best results, you must employ search engine optimization (SEO). When someone uses a search engine like Bing to explore your issue, you want them to find your site first. It may take some time for your website to climb the rankings, but doing so will eventually result in more clicks.

Numerous website hosting services feature optimization tools. Wix and Squarespace provide everything you need to get started, and an SEO guide may assist you with the rest. And owing to online guidelines, you do not need expert SEO knowledge to process the material.

When choosing between Wix and Squarespace, examine the strengths of each website builder in terms of optimization. Then, both beginners and experts can choose the builder with the SEO capabilities they desire.

SEO With Wix

You won’t have to manually configure Wix’s SEO capabilities, but you’ll still have them. Their servers load quickly, reducing the amount of time your clients must wait. Wix will also register your website with search engines so that it will rank higher in results.

The Wix SEO Wizard will ask you a few questions to better comprehend your website. You can utilize the Wiz to assist you in writing the most effective meta descriptions and titles to boost your results on Google or Bing. You can then study more about the requirements to optimize things on your own.

Whether you’re adjusting your menus or choosing the proper keywords, businesses of all types can benefit from the drag-and-drop feature that allows you to place each image in the correct location on your Wix blog. The app market, the knowledge base, and other Wix users can also assist you with this.

SEO With Squarespace

Squarespace gives a checklist of things to do to improve your websites, such as linking to social media and adding appropriate names and descriptions. The help section contains many excellent tips on how to configure various aspects of your website to increase its ranking.

Whether you’re new to Squarespace or planning a new blog post, you should take advantage of their content and information. You can add volume small-wave or volume large-wave coding to any photographs you include, just as with Wix. Each of their price options includes unlimited storage, so there’s no need to worry about a 50GB storage cap, and there’s no bandwidth limit.

Instead, you can create as many blog entries as you wish to help you expand your website. If you want to use the blogging capabilities on Squarespace, you must have a business plan. However, all of the pricing options are appropriate to some extent.

SEO Verdict: Wix wins thanks to the SEO Wiz when it comes to optimizing for search engines. Squarespace can also handle it, but it’s not the ideal option for a novice.

Customer Service

When comparing Wix vs Squarespace, consider how each company can help its customers. Before you start a subscription with Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or Weebly, you should know what kind of assistance you can expect. Consider how much assistance you may require or desire when launching your website.

If you do not require assistance, you might weigh other elements in your decision. However, if you believe you will require more assistance, you should check for features such as phone support and a help center. Priority support is particularly useful if you own a business and require extra assistance with things like cart recovery and other concerns.

Customer support forums can be handy if you don’t have access to a dedicated support team or chat assistance, but if you can’t get viewers to your website, you may need help from an SEO department.

Wix Support

Wix offers a variety of price plans with varying degrees of support. The VIP plan receives priority support from their team over all other plans. If you own a business and want to be on the highest tier, you can look into a business tier. However, the free plan is limited to the knowledge base and other community help techniques.

As a result, beginners may wish to invest a little more for further guidance. However, if you have technical knowledge, you may not need anything more than the Wix guidelines. Still, the platform is beneficial, and the quality of assistance is excellent. You can post videos and reviews to your website even if you don’t know how.

And eCommerce stores can go to forums to learn how to create what they desire. If you appreciate professional assistance from a company, you should look into Wix’s higher tiers. You’ll get additional aid and support for whatever you need.

Squarespace Support

Squarespace offers a variety of support options. You can consult their manuals or watch their videos to find solutions to typical client issues. If you want to learn even more, you can join up for Squarespace webinars, which teach you everything you need to know in a single session. If you have a strange situation that requires an immediate solution, you can take it to the help center and speak with clients.

Anyone in the world can use Squarespace chat and phone assistance, but you must first log in to your account. Then you can contact customer service. You can contact the organization for practically any reason, whether you have eCommerce issues or need assistance with HTML or other issues.

That freedom can be beneficial for beginners or those who are not technically skilled. You don’t have to be an expert, but you can gain a lot of help from anything from the FAQs to a response from a support person.

Pricings & Plans

When deciding between Wix and Squarespace, think about the benefits of each and which is best for you. Each has unique templates and plans that work best for specific businesses or individuals. If you want to avoid the hassle of creating a website from scratch, the fee is well worth it.

You can also choose the appropriate tier for your business or digital idea so that it can be realized. If you’re afraid to invest, consider that you can recoup a large portion of your investment by selling a service. If you have any doubts, you should write out a breakdown of the cost and potential reward.

But if you believe in yourself, you can build the best website on the internet. You can design the appropriate backgrounds, make it work on various devices, and include pop-ups to entice customers to sign up or buy from you.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers a free plan that is ideal for getting your website up and running. Their paid plans start at $13 per month, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to use them. Paying for Wix removes Wix advertisements from your pages, and you can get a domain voucher to get it for free for a year. The plan also includes 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB of storage.

If you upgrade to any other plan, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and at least 10GB of storage. You will also receive an advertisement voucher and two additional programs to help you promote your website. The more you upgrade, the more you save on the total hosting offering.

While the most expensive plan isn’t always the best option, it’s sometimes worth it to upgrade from the free tier.

You’ll need a business plan, such as the Business VIP tier, if you want to use eCommerce. You can accept payments and conduct sales, but the monthly plans range from $23 to $500. Other plans with more features cost $17 per month, $22 per month, and $39 per month.

(Source : Wix)

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace offers a variety of site tiers, so you can get started no matter what your budget is. The most affordable plan is $12 per month if paid in advance for a year, and it includes a free URL, unlimited storage, and SEO capabilities. You can use any of their templates, ranging from portfolios to blogs.

Squarespace eCommerce requires at least the Business tier, which costs $18 per month. Meanwhile, the Commerce tier allows you to create customer accounts, but it costs $26 per month. The advanced tier costs $40 and gives you even more options for creating and building your digital store.

The Wix vs. Squarespace debate is heated, but you should weigh everything each platform has to offer. Then you can consider what qualities you want in a builder and choose the best host for you.

Price Verdict: Wix has more plans at various prices, making it less expensive than Squarespace. Nonetheless, Squarespace is an excellent host.

Prices may vary slightly due to discounts or special offers; please click here to view the most recent pricing.

(Source : Squarespace)

Wix vs. Squarespace

Now is the time to consider what you require from website builders. When comparing Wix and Squarespace website builders, consider everything. Some builders have features that are better suited to certain needs and industries than others.

All plans include templates that you can use, but the user interface can vary depending on your preferences. Still, depending on how much work you’re willing to put in, site designs can be quite customizable. On the other hand, you must consider your host’s worth. So, before you make a decision, go over the pricing page for each host you’re considering.

If you still can’t decide, consider the tools and information that make Wix or Squarespace better for some people. Both allow you to upload a video and receive comments on anything you include. Consider the differences between Wix and Squarespace.

Why Should You Use Wix?

Wix is one of the most straightforward website builders. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and you can move an element wherever you want. If simplicity is important to you, a Wix subscription will provide it. They have plans for both individuals and businesses who need to establish an online presence.

You can integrate email into your website and create an online store. The Wix App Market is ideal for finding tools to add to your site, and they provide excellent customer service. A beginner can use Wix and get started in a day or two thanks to the visual setup.

Wix is ideal for almost anyone who requires a feature-rich website builder.

Why Should You Use Squarespace?

Squarespace, on the other hand, can be just as simple as Wix. Squarespace does not have separate tiers for individuals and businesses, making the higher tiers more affordable. This allows you to get more options and details for your presence at a lower cost than Wix.

Squarespace is ideal for creative individuals and businesses who prefer to customize their templates.

Wix vs. Squarespace FAQs

Wix or Squarespace: Which Is Better?

Wix is an excellent website builder for those who lack technical knowledge. You can select from various plans depending on what you want your website to do. Squarespace also has different tiers, which can be useful if you need a simple plan or something more complex.

If you can’t decide between Wix and Squarespace, look at the templates available with each. Wix is a fantastic website builder with templates, but you can also purchase them from a website development company. You can also add apps to assist you with your online activities.

Squarespace, on the other hand, has many templates from which to choose. You can also learn more about making your site stand out by reading through the Squarespace forum. You can help Google find your site and share your information with the rest of the world by using SEO tools.

Is Squarespace less expensive than Wix?

Wix does charge more than Squarespace for the lowest-paid tier. Both have excellent features for blogging, selling, and other tasks. However, if you want a plan with more features, Wix will be the less expensive host.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Squarespace?

If you want to customize your Squarespace site beyond the standard template, proceed with caution. Squarespace will not assist you in repairing your site unless you stick with what they provide. You can’t make major changes unless you know how to resolve issues.

Squarespace can also change the design of your website without informing you. That can be stressful if you need to fix something that went wrong during an update. And if you want to cater to readers who speak multiple languages, a Squarespace subscription will not allow you to do so.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Wix?

Wix has grown in terms of SEO and other features, but it is far from perfect. To begin, if you decide to leave Wix, you will be unable to export your site. When you switch builders, you’ll have to rebuild your website from scratch. It has some design flexibility, but you may need to switch to a different host in the future.

And you should be able to do so without having to start from scratch. Yes, you can customize the desktop and mobile screens, but you should think about why you chose Wix to ensure you’ll be happy with it.

What else should you think about?

No Wix vs Squarespace debate is complete unless you consider every capability available. Wix and Squarespace have many appealing features for many individuals and businesses looking to establish an online presence. You should look at an example website to find the best host for you.

Consider the quality of the designs you find. What does it feel like to be a visitor? Consider how you want your website to look and what features you want to use. Squarespace is better for some people, while Wix is best for specific businesses.

Wix vs. Squarespace: The Final Verdict

Choosing between Wix and Squarespace can be difficult for any aspiring professional or business. You must determine which features you require from a host, as well as which templates you intend to use. It is also critical to consider factors such as article writing, SEO, and selling.

Wix and Squarespace are two of the most popular website builders available online. To use either of them, you do not need to know how to code. You can instead place photos and paragraphs wherever you want.

When it comes to saving money on higher-tier hosting, Wix is by far the better option. You can get the same advanced features as Squarespace for a little less. Wix allows you to implement various designs, but you cannot export your work if you decide to relocate.

Squarespace can be useful if you need a host that you can use right away. However, if you want to customize your items, you must know how to adjust them if you encounter a problem. You can also obtain information from the Squarespace forum and guide.

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